Robert Brandwayn’s work is already in GEMLUCART MONACO, with Studio Abba, an italian cultural organization that represents him in Florence (Italy), Monaco (France) and Tokyo (Japan). Brandwayn participates with his work ‘Return to the place of Origin: Zelechov II’. The Colombian artists Zarita Abelló and Carlos Chacín also exhibit in Monaco.

The Gemluc is an association formed by Monegasque companies, gathered for charitable purposes. This year 135 artists from all over the world participate, to be valued by an international jury, composed of Curators and Art Critics. The Gemluc will make this exhibition an event both in terms of contemporary art and innovation in the search for funds for charitable actions. The goal is to raise awareness about the serious health problem that cancer represents.

Studio Abba has participated on multiple occasions within the 11 editions that have been made of the GemlucArt Monaco, and already has great recognition within the GemlucArt community. In the 2011 edition, the artist Cristine Drummond, who has worked with Studio Abba for many years, won the First Prize and was exhibited at the Ribolzi Gallery for 2 weeks in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Also in the 2015 edition, Karl Stengel , who Studio Abba represents with the Stengel Collection in Florence, also won the First Prize.

The event runs from September 17 to September 27.