As a further step towards the internationalization of Robert Brandwayn’s work, a strategic alliance was signed last March with Studio Abba, in the city of Florence, Italy, with which the studio became the artist’s representative in this country and in Europe.

Studio Abba, located in an old 16th-century palace in the historic heart of the city of Florence, organizes multiple exhibitions during the year in the most important cities in the world such as Paris, London, Monaco, Tokyo, Venice and Miami between others. Its objective is to promote the visibility of artists, exhibiting their works in important cultural centers and institutions and promoting their art through the web and social networks

This is the beginning of a collaboration between Robert Brandwayn and Studio Abba, which has led him to exhibit his work in the permanent exhibition of the Studio, in the Palazzo Roselli in Florence and soon, for the month of September 2019, to the Principality of Monaco , at the GemlucArt exhibition and from September 27 to October 5 at the Tokyo OpenArtCode, at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art.