Robert Brandwayn’s work ‘Starting Again’ was part of the reading by the researcher and professor at the University of Georgetown, United States, Dr. Ori Z. Soltes, in the framework of the exhibition ‘Spinoza: Marrano of Reason ‘, on March 7, 2019, at the Amstertek in Amsterdam, Holland, organized by the Jewish Art Salon.

Dr. Soltes expressed on this occasion, that the group of artists who were gathered for the exhibition, reflected various aspects of Spinoza, his life, vitality and thought, the development of modernity, the place of art and Jewish artists within the history of Western Art in the modern era.

For Dr. Soltes, the artists offered reflections in different styles, both abstract and figurative, in different formats and media, using various symbolic languages ​​relevant to the range of topics evoked by Spinoza’s discussion as “The Marrano of Reason” evokes

Referring to the work presented by Robert Brandwayn, ‘Starting Again’, Dr. Soltes explained that the artist translates the notion of dispersion – an always starting over in new locations – from the Portugal-Amsterdam matrix of the Spinoza family in the XVI-XVII century, to the matrix of Polish-South American experience of his own family, in the middle of the wars of the twentieth century, integrating layers of memory, on the surface of his works, in the form of photographic records and documents.