Within the framework of the exhibition “Vital Memory”, by Robert Brandwayn, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (MACZUL), in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in May 2017, a conversation was held with the curatorial team of the exhibition integrated by Piedad Casas Otoya (Bogotá, Colombia), Curator Coach – who has been working with the artist for more than 4 years – Jimmy Yáñez, Curator and Museologist (Maracaibo, Venezuela) and Dr. Victor Fuenmayor, PHD in Semiology of the Sorbonne and Knight of Arts and Letters of France (Maracaibo, Venezuela).

This team was formed after having worked together for a week in an intense immersion in Brandwayn workshop, where they confronted Brandwayn’s work, in order to analyze his conceptual consistency.

In the curatorial text of the exhibition they point out that the findings made by Brandwayn during the five years that led to his investigations, are the vestiges of the relationship between his great-grandfather who was in Zelechow, Poland, and his grandfather, a young immigrant in Manizales, Colombia , and the entire atmosphere rarefied by historical circumstances.

For Curator Coach Piedad Casas, Robert’s work does not talk about sadness or holocaust, on the contrary, it brings us closer to that great mystery that is memory. A space where real events, by the action of time and the transformations of society, go from generation to generation, and suffer interpretations and transformations.

The exhibition was on display for 1 month, in Hall 5 of the museum.